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Archives: March 2011

Will Amazon Release an iOS Cloud Drive App?

For the moment, Amazon’s Cloud Drive storage service is limited to Windows and Mac PCs and Android smartphones. When I try to open Cloud Drive using Mobile Safari on my iPad, or Internet Explorer on my HD7, I am able to see parts of the site, but I am unable to open folders on my drive. I definitely cannot upload or download files on the iPad because doing so requires Flash, which doesn’t run on the iPad.
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Best Buy Emerging As Primary U.S. Gadget Retailer

As I was reading an article on Boy Genius Report about Roku being available at Best Buy, the thought occurred to me that Best Buy has become the primary brick-and-mortar gadget store in the United States. Best Buy seems to be constantly making announcements about how they are exclusively selling one gadget or another.

It may have started sooner, but I first noticed this trend when Google announced the Nexus S. Having learned from the Nexus One that people want to be able to see phones in person before buying them, Google teamed up with Best Buy to sell the Nexus S. Best Buy remains the exclusive retailer for the Nexus S, and they are also selling the Sprint Nexus S 4G.
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Cloud Drive Could Lead To Amazon MP3 Habit

Since Amazon’s launch on Tuesday Amazon’s Cloud Drive, I’ve spent more time and money with Amazon’s MP3 store than I have done in the past. One of the first things I did on Wednesday was fire up the Amazon MP3 app on my phone to see what was the free song of the day, which happened to be Whitesnake’s Love Will Set You Free.

While before I might have thought twice about downloading this song because it takes time, uses bandwidth and storage space on my phone, and I don’t consider myself a Whitesnake fan, I didn’t hesitate to get the song. In a matter of seconds the song was on my Cloud Drive and available for me to listen to, without the pain of losing storage space or using bandwidth to download the song.
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Canadians Don’t Want to Pay for Online News

The Canadian Media Research Corp. recently released the results of a survey. To the surprise of no one, a vast majority of the 1,682 respondents to this poll would rather find a different free source of news than pay for it.

Respondents were quite firm when asked if they would pay for the news they get online, and 81% reported that they would rather abandon a preferred site than pay.  Only 4% said that they would pay, with about 15% not sure. In comparison, a significantly higher percentage already pay for music (26%) and games (19%). This does not bode well for anyone planning to survive on the fees generated by a paywall.

The report goes on to note that if there were no other option, some respondents would be willing to pay, with about a third preferring to pay by subscription.


Earth Justice Social Media Campaign


Social Media has provided non-profit and charity organizations a new way to spread awareness and advocate for social change.

Earth Justice, a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to representing the environment, has launched a new social media campaign to protect endangered specie

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Sesame Street eBookstore Now Available for iPad

In December 2010 the Sesame Workshop, makers of the Sesame Street TV show, launched an eBookstore where you could read 150 different eBooks featuring characters from the show.

The Sesame Street eBookstore was expanded to the iPad this week, which means you can now read eBooks on your iPad than span a wide selection of age level and ability. The Sesame Street eBookstore has eBooks both with and without narration and animation, as well as eBooks with sound effects and music.

This eBookstore is subscription based, with a single month’s subscription starting at $4 and a year’s subscription will set you back $40. Any current subscription to the Sesame Street eBookstore will work on both the website and the iPad. The iPad app also supports downloads, making the eBooks accessible any time, any place without an Internet connection.

iBuildApp Now Offers Magazine Templates for the iPad

iBuildApp has announced a new easy way to make a digital magazine or eBook app for the iPad.

According to iBuildApp, this new setup is quick and easy to use. It should only take a few hours for the non-expert to assemble the content and then copy/paste it into the pre-made templates. iBuildApp is also promising that it will later provide integration  with other digital publishing platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

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