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Archives: April 2011

Guillen, Gabbidon, and Other Gaffes: The Latest in Dumb Sports Tweets


It would seem at some point athletes would learn not to go to Twitter when they are angry. Thankfully for sports fans, when emotions are running high, professionals don’t know where else to turn it seems. Here are the latest in what is a continuing and likely never-ending series collecting dumb sports tweets that lead to either embarrassment, fines, or a shutdown of the account. They do all share one thing in common: they elicit the question, “what were you thinking?” Read more

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SeeClickFix Released For Android


Crowdsourcing has been in the news this week with Apple explaining how it plans to collect traffic information via iPhones. The idea behind crowdsourcing is to distribute work across a large group of people. SeeClickFix is a combination of mobile apps and web site that has the purpose of providing feedback to governments and media outlets. Free mobile SeeClickFix apps are available for Blackberry and iPhone smartphones, and the Android version has just become available in the Android Market.
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Amazon Now Offering Hit Songs for $.69

Today Amazon decided that it wasn’t involved in enough price wars. iTunes is Amazon’s next target. Amazon started selling recent hit releases for $.69, including Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

It has always sold some MP3s for $.69, and it has even had weekly sales. But it wasn’t until today that Amazon started selling recent hit releases for that price without calling it a sale. No, this looks permanent (unless it doesn’t work).

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Shazam for Android: Unlimited Free Song Tagging for the Rest of 2011


Shazam lets you identify a song you are listening to, get lyrics, buy it and share it with friends. The free Shazam iPhone app is limited to 5 song Tags per month (unless you installed it before November 2009). A $5.99 in-app purchases gives you unlimited tagging.

Android users, however, can get unlimited tagging with the free Shazam app for rest of calendar year 2011. eBay is sponsoring this promotion. Shazam highlights these two features in the Shazam for Android app.

1. Unlimited tagging sponsored by eBay for all Shazamers using the Shazam Free App and “Shazam Friends”
2. A real-time feed within the App of songs that Facebook friends have tagged, creating a continuously updating list for Shazamers to discover and share new music with their friends

Shazam Launches “Unlimited Tagging” Globally in Free App for Android (Shazam press release)

Shazam (Android Market)

Via BGR: Shazam gives Android users unlimited tagging in 2011, Shazam Friends

Sponsor Homemade Horror with Nyctophobia 2011

Haunted House

One of the simple pleasures in life is the homemade haunted house — the ordinary building that is lovingly converted to a seasonal place of terror. Eric Striffler, the man behind the Nyctophobia 2011 Kickstarter project, would agree with me when I say that, without committed haunted house makers, the world (specifically during the month of October) would be a lot less interesting place. Read more

Week In Review: Borders Breach, Nook Color, Kindle Corruption

Happy Friday! For your weekend reading, here is a roundup of our top stories for the week:

Borders’ website was hacked into making it possible to go in and change your account information.

Barnes & Noble updated the Nook Color.

We interviewed Italian publisher Marco Ferrario about eBooks in Italy.

Simba released a study finding that 60% of iPad owners read eBooks on their devices.

We discovered that eReaders could be corrupted with malicious files, but that it is not likely.

The new ad-supported Kindle shipped.

YouTube started renting movies.

Amazon’s Q1 net sales were up 38% over 2010.

Sony released a new tablet.

MobiHandler released a new way to organize your Kindle books.

HBO GO Streaming Video App for Android & iOS Available. Works Over 3G/4G


Engadget reports that HBO has released its own streaming video apps for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). Both apps are free. However, you need to be an HBO cable service subscriber in order to access the content.

HBO Go hits iOS and Android, free for subscribers

One interesting and important difference between HBO’s video streaming app and Time Warner’s is that HBO subscribers can watch streamingn video outside of the home using 3G or 4G wireless data service. I would be cautious about how much video I watch if my 3G or 4G service had monthly data bandwidth caps.

Note that there are at least two apps from HBO for both Android and iOS. “HBO GO” is the name of the streaming app for both platforms. The other app named simply “HBO” (again for both platforms) provides clips and background information.

HBO GO for iOS

HBO for iOS

HBO GO for Android

HBO for Android