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Google+ For Android Updated With Ice Cream Sandwich Facelift


Google has been investing heavily in their social network, Google+, by adding features. Today Google rolled out integration with Google Reader to make it easier to share news articles and comments on Google+ and they released an update to the Google+ Android app. The new version of Google+ for Android includes a user interface update, navigation improvements, battery life improvements, and more.
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NBC Simultaneously Launches News Magazine And iPad App


Most everyone knows that today, Monday, October 31, 2011, is Halloween, but for the folks at NBC it’s a bit more than that as the television network launches Rock Center, their new hour long news magazine featuring Brian Williams. To television viewers Rock Center is yet another attempt at an alternative to CBS’ 60 Minutes, but unlike back in 1968 when 60 Minutes first aired, today’s new television shows need to launch on multiple medias, which leads us to the Rock Center iPad app.
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iPads Expected To Be In More Classrooms In Coming Years

School computer labs may be turning into tablet labs. In a new report from Piper Jaffray, which includes feedback from 25 educational technology directors, analyst Gene Munster writes, “Within the next 5 years, our respondents expect to have more tablets per student than they currently have computers.”

Munster points out that 100% of those surveyed use iPads, versus other tablets, so to be even more specific, respondents expect to have more iPads per student than they currently have computers. That is impressive. In addition, 44% of those surveyed said, “that a personalized learning tool is the most significant benefit of tablets. This suggests tablets offer something new relative to computers: a more personal, intimate and individualized learning tool.”

Apple Insider has more: “He noted that Ron Johnson, Apple’s outgoing head of retail operations, recently indicated that the current crop of students may be “the last generation with backpacks,” as students use iPads to replace their books. The 25 technology decision makers in education indicated that devices like the iPad allow for individualized learning better than a traditional computer.”

Mobile Spectator App Expands for New York Marathon


Social media is overtaking one of the world’s most exciting races, as mobile phones and social networks will play major roles in the upcoming New York City Marathon. For this year’s big event, the Mobile Spectator App has expanded, allowing fans to follow runners throughout the event that will be held on Sunday, November 6. Read more

PlayUp Aims to Be Exclusive Social Network for Sports Fans


For most sports fans, watching a game has always and will forever be a social event. NFL Sunday, March Madness, the Olympics, and anything involving the playoffs are much anticipated and social-centered affairs. While smartphones and Twitter in particular have connected sports fans around the world while watching games, one social network is attempting to streamline fandom, hoping it will occur exclusively within their online world. Read more

The Wall Street Journal To Launch eBook Best Seller Lists

The Wall Street Journal will begin publishing lists of eBook best sellers, beginning this weekend. The New York Times and USA Today both began publishing bestseller lists for eBooks early this year, but the exciting aspect of this news is that Amazon, Apple, Google and Barnes & Noble will be sharing their eBook sales data with Nielsen for the first time to compile the list.

Jonathan Stolper, VP & General Manager of Nielsen BookScan, released this statement: “As consumers and booksellers continue to embrace the potential of e-books, we are very happy to be working with The Wall Street Journal to produce the most accurate best-seller charts available. These new charts uniquely reflect what people are really buying and reading and will most definitely advance the industry’s understanding of e-book best sellers.”

Mashable has more: “…the Journal will display four lists charting book sales: combined ebook and hard copy sales of fiction, combined ebook and hard copy sales of non-fiction, ebook-only sales of fiction, and ebook-only sales of non-fiction.”

iPads Used to Make Brutal Halloween Costume

The video above is quite clever. As you can see, the costume in the video is based around 2 iPad 2. They’re set up for a video chat on Youtube. Since he paced one on either side of his torso it looks like there’s a hole throw his body.

It’s clever, but I can think of a better use for the $1k that the pair of iPad 2 cost.

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