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Apple Has Siri, Android Has Cluzee


As an Android user, I have managed to not have iPhone envy, at least not until Apple announced the iPhone 4S with Siri. Ever since I first heard about Siri I found it desirable, and I was very disappointed when Apple bought the company, sealing its fate of only ever being available for the iPhone. Still, while I think Siri is very nice, it’s not enough to make me switch to the iPhone, therefore I have been on the hunt for an equivalent for Android.
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Mediabistro Course

Email Marketing

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Tonight: Tyra Banks Appearing Live on Google Plus


All of you Tyra Banks fans out there know she’s the type to always try new things, and today’s she trying something very cool, very ahead of the curve.  She’s going to be part of a live Google Plus “Hangout”, which means she’ll be available by video and voice, and Googlers from all around the world can log in and chat with her, and ask her questions.

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Top 20 Free eBook Apps Of The Week

iBooks continues to lead as the most popular free app in the Apple App Store this week, according to research from AppData, Inside Network’s data service that tracks app and developer leaderboards.

Explore these 20 free apps and find out what kind of literary apps succeed in this crowded marketplace. To prepare for Mediabistro’s upcoming Publishing App Expo on December 7-8, we spotlight the top grossing book apps, the top paid Android books apps and the most popular free apps every week.

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Hello Big Clickable Google Logo, Goodbye Awkward Horizontal Black Bar


Google has been spending a lot of time tweaking with their design, lately.  From unveiling a new social network to cleaning up GMail (and renaming it Google Mail), someone at Google has clearly recognized the importance of User Experience (UX) design.  Today, they unveiled a new concept: a big clickable Google button in the top left of every Google page. They call it the Google Bar.

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YouTube Replaces Insight With YouTube Analytics [Infographic]

YouTube Analytics

Today YouTube has announced that they are replacing their old analytics system YouTube Insight with a new and improved tool. YouTube Analytics will be rolled out to all users on a modern browser throughout the day and features more detailed reports and statistics to help content creators discover how viewers are connecting and engaging with their videos like never before.

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Today’s Google Doodle Honors Samuel Clemens

Today marks the 176th anniversary of the birth of the author, social activist, and humorist Mark Twain. As you can see above, Google chose an iconic scene for today’s Doodle, though they did go a little overboard with it.

But at least they chose a Doodle we all know. Even if you haven’t read the book, you should recognize the scene above. It’s been portrayed in so many movies and TV shows that it has seeped into the American cultural subconscious.

Mark Twain was born during the visit of Halley’s Comet, and he died shortly after the next visit 74 years later. He had many jobs during those years, including reporter, author, gold miner, lecturer, and malcontent.

‘The Debunking Handbook’ Is Free eBook Today

Just in time for family holiday gatherings and the 2012 political election, we have a free eBook to help you learn how to argue with people who spread misinformation.

Written by John Cook, Global Change Institute, University of Queensland and Stephan Lewandowsky, School of Psychology, University of Western Australia, The Debunking Handbook gives tips on how to discuss the facts when you are in conversation with myth perpetuators. Here is an excerpt: “Common wisdom is that the more counter arguments you provide, the more successful you’ll be in debunking a myth. It turns out that the opposite can be true. When it comes to misinformation, less can be more.”

The Skeptical Science web site has the free PDF download.

For more free eBooks, check out our Free eBook of the Day archive. (Via Lifehacker).

Foxit Mobile PDF Now Available for Android

It’s been some months since we last heard from Foxit, and now we know what the company has been doing. A few weeks back Foxit released its Mobile PDF app in to the Android Market.

The app offers text reflow, annotation, and bookmarks, but that’s only a bare summary of the features. You can scribble on or highlight text in a PDF in multiple colors. The app comes with its own file manager, and it includes a robust page jump feature.

This app offers far more abilities than your average free Android PDF app. It’s also priced the same a number of other paid PDF apps. While it might not be the best it is certainly worth paying for.

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