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Archives: February 2012

Shanda to Spin-off Its eBook Sub

Shanda Entertainment, a media conglomerate based in mainland China, announced earlier this week that they are moving forward with the IPO of Cloudary, its eBook subsidiary.

Shanda has not filed the SEC paperwork yet, but sources are reporting that this IPO is in the works.The IPO will take place in the US, where Cloudary is relatively unknown, because Shanda is hoping to raise 200 million from American investors.This is actually Shanda’s second attempt to spinoff Cloudary. The first was last year, and it fell through when an underwriter pulled out.

That was probably a good thing for Shanda. In the 6 months  since the last IPO attempt. Cloudary has achieved a 70% eBook market share in China. Revenue nearly doubled (to 701 million yuan) while the operating loss shrank (to 27.1 million yuan).

Cloudary also got a fair amount of attention at CES 2012, where they showed off their new Bambook Sunflower, an eReader equipped with a Mirasol screen.


A Step by Step Guide to Social Media Success [Infographic]


There are a lot of ways to begin planning your social media campaign, but our friends at Simply Business have put together a really cool step by step guide to figuring out which platforms and accounts you want to use on your way to social media success.  The steps are easy, you start at the “Start”, and you move through the chart answering yes or no — games always make decisions a whole lot more fun.

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Soon We’ll All Be Lining Up for Facebook ID Cards, Artist Says


You can use social media to apply for jobs, to make relationships official, and to sign in from one service to another.  But your Facebook profile still can’t get you through the gate at the airport, at least not yet.  An artist named Tobias Leingruber believes that this is the trajectory for social media, and he has already created a prototype for a Facebook ID card.

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Apple Sends Out Invites for March 7th Event (iPad 3?)

Apple is sending out invites today. They’re holding an event in San Francisco next week, and pretty much everyone assumes that this will be the iPad 3 launch event. There’s no real proof bout what Apple will discuss, but I don’t think anyone doubts that the iPad 3 will be unveiled.

QR Code Fiction Series Seeks Stories

South Carolina-based writer Tim LeVan Miller wants to bring short stories to readers in independent coffee shops. He has created a way to do so using QR codes through a program called Sips Card.

The Sips Card website explains how it works: “Customers at participating venues can pick up a Sips Card with their drink order. Each card contains a QR code, loaded with a short story from an independent writer meant to last as long as their drink. The cards are venue specific and include their business information as well as that issue’s author, story title, and website.”

The site is currently looking for submissions for short stories through March 16th. Authors don’t have to pay an entry fee and they retain the rights to their story. Entries should be limited to 3,000 words.

StumbleUpon Updates Android App; Includes Google+ Integration


StumbleUpon is actually one of the largest sources of referral traffic on the web.  I remember spending hours clicking the “Stumble” button and getting launched back and forth across the web like an Angry Bird.  The service has returned to relevance in recent years by introducing social features and re-emphasizing their simplicity — this came after a bit of feature creep as the product became a bit complex with forums for a while.  The StumbleUpon folks just updated their Android application and it has some nifty features.

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The Lorax Joins Top Grossing iOS Book App List

Weird But True, The Lorax and The Walking Dead join the top grossing iOS book app list this week. Comics, free audiobooks and Bible reader apps also continued to do well on the list.

The Lorax joins the list as the new film adaptation of the Dr. Seuss stories hits theaters. The Oceanhouse Media app is adapted from the original children’s book and includes special interactive features. A good read for Dr. Seuss’ birthday, which is coming up this week.

Below, we’ve listed the top ten grossing iOS book apps of the week.

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Ze Frank To Bring Back ‘The Show’ With Kickstarter’s Help

Ze Frank

Back in 2006 Ze Frank launched what would become one of first popular daily video programs—”The Show With Ze Frank.” The show ran for a year, from March 17, 2006 until March 17, 2007 and combined everything from commentary on world events to songs, games, challenges for fans and more. Five years later, Ze Frank fans still look back fondly on the show and will be happy to hear that he’s bringing it back!

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