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Archives: May 2012

Doctors, Patients and Social Media [Infographic]


How are Doctors connecting to the social media revolution? There are serious issues with providing any sort of medical advice online, and it seems that physicians have a dilemma when it comes to interacting with their patients — do they accept the friend request or not? This is clearly something that will come up more with social networks as we are required to determine the scope of friendships with those that we know (and may be a reason that Google+’s Circles may have some long term appeal).

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Is Facebook A “Mom Thing”?

As if having an underwhelming IPO weren’t enough? Now The LA Times has a story that claims that teens today are starting to drop Facebook for other social networks like Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. Could Facebook be the new Friendster or the new MySpace?

According to the story, while 80% of teens have a Facebook account, it’s the 50-64 year-old users who are helping the company grow its user base. Apparently, teens today consider Facebook a social network for parents. Here is an excerpt from the story:

‘Facebook is just not the big fad anymore,’ said Kim Franklin, a 15-year-old from Gaithersburg, Md., who does not have a Facebook account and prefers social media site Tumblr. ‘It was like everybody was constantly on there, but now not so much.’ Franklin said her 13-year-old sister Nicole hasn’t signed up for a Facebook account either. Meanwhile, Laura Franklin, the girls’ 37-year-old mother, always has Facebook open on her computer while working on her parenting blog, Better in Bulk. That, she said, has led her teen daughters to dub Facebook a ‘mom thing.’ Read more

The MTV Movie Awards Let Users Tweet for the Best Hero Category


I’m afraid to admit it in public, worried about being cursed as a mainstreamer by hordes of nerd hipsters, but I used to watch the MTV Movie Awards every year. They combined the excitement of the year’s top blockbusters with a little visual panache and excitement, and most importantly, humor. They’ve kept up their reputation as the years have gone by, and even though I don’t get to watch every single time, I still hear the news about the innovative steps and exciting events they try to plan each year. Well, this year they’ve introduced live social voting, and an entire category will be determined by the live social audience during the show.

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Paper iPad App Updated

FiftyThree has just rolled out another update to Paper, their drawing app for the iPad. This app already was feature rich, so today’s update adds minor improvements. Users can now their drawing journals (as a PDF) via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The update also lengthens the history so users can undo their mistakes and it includes bug fixes.

I’m certainly not an artist myself, but from what I can tell this app has been adopted by a number of capable artists. FiftyThree has a blog devoted to sketches made with Paper, and some are surprisingly detailed.

While app itself is free in iTunes, there there are a number of paid upgrades available inside the app.

Romney Buys #Amercia Promoted Tweets | Google+ Local Launches | Oracle CEO Loved Facebook

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A Better AmerciaMitt Romney’s Amercia: No Laughing Matter (U.S. News & World Report)
Mitt Romney should have been doing a victory lap the day after clinching the Republican presidential nomination. But when Americans woke up Wednesday morning to a new Romney mobile app that misspelled “America” as “Amercia,” memes proliferated. The Hill With the hashtag #Amercia still trending late on Wednesday morning, users searching for the word on Twitter were also seeing a promoted tweet from the GOP nominee’s official Twitter account. Twitter’s promoted-tweets tool allows users to pay to promote individual tweets, anchoring them at the top of search results for specific keywords. MSNBC.com It didn’t take the Romney campaign staff long to send “Version 1.0.1″ of the app — which is described as having some “bug fixes” — to Apple, but the damage was already done. Twitter users went nuts, a new Tumblr blog was created, and plenty of media ridicule followed. The Daily Beast The Telegraph may have drily won the Internet with its memorable dek: “White House hopeful Mitt Romney has meticulously spelt out his vision for a better America while on the campaign trail this year. But his new mobile app did not feature the same levels of preparation.” Here are five other cringe-inducing political typos and misnomers of the recent past. USA Today As the Scripps National Spelling Bee wraps up today near Washington, we’re once again confronted with the annual question: In a world of spell check and r u there texting, does spelling even matter anymore? Read more

What Kind of Social Media Superhero Are You? [Infographic]

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 2.38.55 PM

Now that social networks have moved online, nearly every industry needs a hero: someone who can deal with customers and information in seemingly superhuman ways. All communications professionals deserve a new title to go with their added responsibilities, but let’s face it, some of the titles sound made up. This delightful infographic explains the difference between a social evangelist and an online ambassador. And yes, those are real jobs.

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iPhone 5 Schematics Leaked

If you thought nothing could beat yesterday’s leaked photos of iPhone 5 shells, think again. Cydia, the independent iPhone app store,  posted a startling photo on their blog this morning.  Someone sent them a photo of what looks to be blueprints for the new not-yet-released iPhone 5.

There’s no evidence that it’s real, but at this point I don’t see how it could not be.

via Cydia

Meet Meograph: A New Tool for Mapping Multimedia Stories

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 12.10.33 PM

In cartoons, a plane can hop from point to point on a map to show the passage of time and distance, landing on an “X” and leaving a trail of dashes in its wake. The Internet has few options for that kind of storytelling. If you like videos and infographics, you’ll want to check out Meograph, a visualization tool that combines both in a multimedia overlay on Google Maps.

Are You Depressed, Bipolar, Anxious? This App Can Tell You For Sure

If you are feeling down and think you may be suffering from a mental illness, WhatsMyM3, by M-3 Information, is an app that helps you test your mental well being.

Available for iOS and Android, the $2.99 app is cheaper than visiting a professional (through they do recommend that if you test positive for a mental disorder, that you seek real world help). The app asks questions like, “Over the last two weeks or more, have you noticed the following: Nothing seems to give me much pleasure.”

Here is what the app has to offer: “WhatsMyM3 is based on a research validated screen that in 3 minutes assesses your risk of depression, bipolar and anxiety and PTSD. After completing the short checklist you receive a personalized confidential report sharing how much burden these symptoms may be causing you. Please reach out to a professional or go directly to the emergency room should you feel a need for help.” (Via USA Today).

Is It Really a Social Media Bubble? [Infographic]


The folks at Online Degree Dictionary have put together a startling look at the current social media business market, and they focus on comparing it to the real-estate bubble and dot-come bubble from the last 15 years. Are things really different this time? The infographic takes a cynical position, stating that social media has no real guarantee of future probability, and these sky high valuations are tremendously risky and are — in fact — a bubble.

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