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Archives: August 2012

Amazon Boasts “Hundreds Of Millions Of Apps & Games” Downloaded

Amazon put out a press release today announcing that “customers have downloaded hundreds of millions of apps and games from the Amazon Appstore.” Earlier this week Amazon opened up its App Store in Europe. This news comes as Amazon is expected to announce new Kindle Fire devices at a press conference on September 6th.

Yesterday, the online giant reported that they sold out of Kindle Fires, without any mention of restocking. Yesterday, The Verge leaked images of what the devices will supposedly look like.

Rumors have been circulating all summer that Amazon is coming out with a number of new Kindle Fire devices in different sizes.

Shindig.com Technology To Power Virtual Book Talk Show

Novelist Alan Goldsher has a new virtual talk show dedicated to books, thanks to technology from Shindig.com. Shindig.com is a NYC-based start-up that offers video chat tools that let users create large events online designed to function like physical events.

Goldsher’s interactive virtual event is called Book It. Essentially a talk show about books and publishing, the show will let virtual listeners participate as a live audience by asking questions to the author during a Q&A session. Like a physical event, seating is limited to the first 1,000 guests who register online. Viewers must register for each individual show. Follow this link to register. The shows will be archived after they have aired.

The show launches on Thursday September 6th and will run on the occasional Thursday through January 2013. Guests who are scheduled to appear on the show include actor/comedian Kevin PollakTime magazine’s Joel Stein, and authors Adam Mansbach and Jonathan Maberry.

Free iPad App: ‘Extreme Skater HD’

Apple’s free app this week is Extreme Skater HD.

This is one of those games where the developers eschewed usual button style controls in favor of using the iPad’s accelerometer. You control the player by tilting the iPad left and right, and for some moves you’ll also need to swipe the screen. Read more

Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Ads | Sandberg Book | Romney Promoted Trend

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Twitter to Target Ads Based on Interests (The Wall Street Journal)
Twitter on Thursday said it will allow advertisers to more easily target their ad messages to people based on their interests, a shift some advertisers have been demanding of the short-messaging service. A company that sells a sports drink, for example, could elect to show paid ads to Twitter users who are fans of professional football. CNET The micro-blogging service will provide advertisers with 350 “interest categories” whose top-tier sections include groupings such as home and garden, sports, investing, pets and politics. Twitter determines which categories users fit into via its “interest graph” — Twitter’s own proprietary chart of user connections and relationships. AdAge Keyword targeting had previously been available for promoted accounts (where marketers pay for each new user who follows them) and for promoted tweets in search, but not for promoted tweets in user timelines, which is Twitter’s core ad product. Those could only be targeted to a brand’s followers and users that Twitter deemed similar to them, making them a blunt instrument. AllTwitter Twitter says its beta testing of interest targeting produced positive results, so we’ll see. Facebook ads are successful because they target audiences based on user-provided data, but that social network is very different from Twitter. TechCrunch In addition to interest targeting, Twitter is also announcing a change to the auctions that determine which promoted content gets shown. The minimum bid in those auctions has been reduced from 50 cents to 1 cent. Read more

Meet Contacts In Real Life “At The Pool”


Following fast on the heels of that other exclusive social network we told you about, The Best of All Worlds, say hello to At The Pool.

The site is based on the premise that “there are extraordinary people all around just waiting to get discovered,” but that’s where any similarity of “The Best” ends. You see, exclusive here seems to be pretty inclusive. They’re just coming at social networking from an entirely different angle – and one we think you’ll appreciate.

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Pitch Yourself as an Expert on Startups for VentureBeat

Are you tech-startup-savvy? Well, if you can also crank out breaking news about the biz quickly, VentureBeat might like to assign you stories. And, lucky for you, many freelancers become regular contributors after showing their skills.

“We don’t want to keep people in freelancer limbo for too long,” said national editor Devindra Hardawar. “We like to take care of our writers.”

The site currently syndicates content to Reuters, The Christian Science Monitor and Business Insider, among others. It also gives some pretty generous traffic bonuses. So, if you’re interested in seeing your byline land on the site, check out some more tips from Mediabistro’s How To Pitch: VentureBeat. [AvantGuild subscription required]

IBM Wants to Put a Supercomputer in Your Pocket

IBM engineers spent 4 years and countless millions of dollars building Watson, a supercomputer which could win Jeopardy!, and now those same engineers are working on shoehorning Watson into a smartphone.

SFGate is reporting that IBM is working on a new version of Watson. Watson 2.0 is part of IBM’s plan to tap new markets and boost revenue in business analytics.  The new Watson is going to have sufficiently low CPU and power requirements that it will be able to run on tablets and smartphones. Read more

Infographic: Which Political Party Is Dominating Social Media In 2012?

Politics Social Media

Back in 2008, Obama revolutionized political campaigning by building a massive, loyal following on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Obama’s social media prowess was a major factor in his 2008 win, but is he still ahead of the curve in the social media game in 2012? A new infographic from Viralheat takes a look at which party runs social now.

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Apple Fanboy Recreates Apple Store in His Home Office

As much as you might like Apple’s well-designed products, trust me you aren’t as infatuated as David Wu.

This software developer has spent the last 3 months turning his home office into the next best thing to an Apple store. He’s even gone so far as to have a table custom made in the pattern of the iconic Fetzer Maple Wood Desk which Apple uses to show off its wares. He also has a black custom Apple pillar with a light up Apple logo and a built-in LCD screen as well as a a bookshelf to show off all the Apple products he purchased over the years.

There’s a number of photos over on David’s website, and this one doesn’t do justice to all his hard work.

via David Wu