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Archives: September 2012

Friday Morning Laughs – The Most Amazing Squirrel Video You’ve Ever Seen

squirrel rampage

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! The end of the workweek is finally here, and the end of the month is upon us as well. As usual, to help usher you into the weekend with a smile on your face, we’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest videos of the week. This week’s Friday Morning Laughs features a crazy-amazing squirrel video, the iPhone 5, the science behind the cinnamon challenge, Old Spice, bad lip reading and more. Enjoy!

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Google Maps Adds Street Views of the Great Barrier Reef

In the past Google has added off-road Street Views of famous landmarks like Stonehenge and Versailles, taking you places that many could never afford to go. This week Google has expanded their collections of off-road Street Views to include several that are off dry land.

Google has partnered with The Catlin Seaview Survey to bring these visual tours to Google Maps. The new collection includes the famous Great Barrier Reef as well as a half dozen other locations around the globe including the Hawaii Islands, Philippines, and more.

Google Maps


Searching Across Platforms Made Ridiculously Simple With CloudMagic


It’s frustrating trying to find that bit of information you remember seeing or saving in your email, tweet or status update, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great to search through all of your personal data from one screen?

Just imagine how much time you would save if all you needed to do was type in your search terms and some magical service returned all matches from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, etc.

Well, ripped straight from that wonderful imagination of yours, we present CloudMagic. It’s a “search engine for all your personal data” and you’re going to LOVE it.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Journalism’s Death & Rebirth In 60 Seconds

To promote its  Ebyline/E&P 100% Journalism Challenge, a journalism innovation contest where the winner will earn $35,000 in prize money, Ebyline has created an infographic called Journalism’s Death & Rebirth in 60 Seconds.

We’ve embedded the whole infographic below to show media professionals how media financing has shifted in the past couple of decades.

Check it out: “The idea for this graphic came from the copious, and copiously available, amounts of data now being produced and disseminated about the news industry, the broader media and the businesses behind them, including some of the analysis we’ve done right here about journalist salaries, adoption of newspaper paywalls and trends in newsroom practices. Also, we just liketurning spreadsheets into graphics. We hope it gets your creative journalism juices flowing.”

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Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Gifts | YouTube Video | Twitter in Search

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Facebook Welcomes Back Gifts (Mashable)
Two years after its last attempt failed, Facebook is giving Gifts another shot. The ability to buy and send real gifts to your friends will gradually roll out to Facebook users in the United States. The New York Times/Bits Blog Gifts range from cupcakes to sunglasses. Facebook will earn a slice of the proceeds from each transaction; a company spokesman declined to say how much but said each partner company had a different revenue-sharing arrangement. USA Today Starbucks, Magnolia Bakery and 1-800-Flowers are among Facebook’s 100 launch partners. Facebook’s online commerce move comes as Wall Street grows restless for increased revenue from the social network, which faces slackening advertising revenue. The Huffington Post Users will be able to click on a “gifts” icon on their Facebook friends’ pages on Facebook’s website or on Android mobile phones, and iPhone and iPad versions are coming soon. The icon will also show up on the right side of users’ Facebook pages with the notifications for friends’ birthdays, weddings and other life events. AllThingsD It’s a major undertaking for Facebook, tackling an entire new segment of online commerce and adding a brand new revenue stream to its business. And to a degree, we’ve known it was coming for some time — after all, on the same day Facebook went public, it acquired Karma, the social gifting application upon which all of Gifts is based and built. AllFacebook Prior to Facebook’s Gifts, Wrapp (founded May 2011, introduced to the United States in April 2012) and most recently the Facebook game Gifties have launched to connect friends with presents. There’s also Treater and Giftly, in addition to Amazon’s program. Read more

iPad Mini Achieves Spontaneous Generation (Video)

Way back in the annals of debunked scientific theory is a concept called spontaneous generation.  This phrase was used top describe the situation where a creature springs into existence out of nothingness.

Naturally the idea is bunk science, but today it happens to fit the iPad Mini. There have been so many posts about the iPad Mini and so many bloggers believing it is real that the device now exists, albeit in a limited form.

Mac Otakaru posted this video earlier today. It shows a dummy iPad Mini, not the real thing, but you have to admit it looks very much like the real thing. Or it would be better to say that it looks very much like all the rumored devices we’ve seen and all the rumors we’ve heard.

This dummy is the product of some unnamed Chinese OEM, and it’s not clear whether this is the source of all the leaked images or the result of the leaks. But now that you’ve seen it, does it make you want the real thing?

Angry Birds Goes 3D!

Rovio released the Angry Birds spin off Bad Piggies today, and as much fun as that game is to play I have something even better to show you. How would you like to play an augmented reality version of the game?
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‘Death of a Serpent’ Is Today’s Free eBook

Death of a Serpent by Susan Russo Anderson is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

The book is part of the Serafino Florio mystery novel series. Check it out: “At a high-class house near Palermo, three women have been knifed to death, their foreheads slashed with a strange mark, their bodies dumped on the madam’s doorstep. Rosa summons her friend, Serafina, and asks her to catch the killer. A thirty-something midwife with seven children and diminishing funds, Serafina plunges into the investigation, gathering evidence, following leads. In a defiant meeting with the don, she makes an important discovery. Convinced of the murderer’s identity, she conceives a daring plan to unmask the killer. Does she succeed? Can she hold her family together?”

 Amazon has the free download.
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‘The Paris Review’ To Launch An App

Unlike most magazine publishers who want to show off their flashy video content and social media-integrated features when they make an app, The Paris Review wanted to keep it simple.

“I dragged my feet about and ignored the idea of making an app for fear that if we made one, it would take us away from what we do best, which is creating a place for discovering and presenting new writers,” said Lorin Stein, editor-in-chief of The Paris Review. “I was afraid that the bells and whistles would lead us down a primrose path and that half of the staff would be dedicated to making videos.”

But Stein came around when it became clear that an app would be great for international distribution. “Ever since we moved our printing to the States in the seventies, it has been difficult to distribute in Europe,” Stein told AppNewser. ”Our highest concentration of readers after New York is in London, so it made sense to let people subscribe digitally. We wanted to use the technology but not one inch further than made sense for what we do.” Read more