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Archives: October 2012

Google Updates iOS Search App

Not satisfied with how well Siri answers your questions? Thanks to Google, there is now another option.

Google has just released an updated version of their iPhone and iPad search app. The new app features improved voice recognition which will help you get the answers you need.

I have not had a chance to try it myself, but I am looking forward to this app giving Siri a run for her money. As much as Apple wants you to think Siri is perfect, that virtual assistant has been shown to have a number of issues. For example, Siri was unable to respond accurately to any requests given in a Scottish accent. Siri has also been out through independent tests which showed that the app is much less accurate than the commercials would have you believe. Read more

62% Of People Use Social Networks On A Second Screen While Watching TV [Infographic]

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Use of “the second screen” is booming and more and more television viewers are watching their favorite TV shows with a device in hand.  Viewers are multi-tasking more than ever while watching television, whether it’s with a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.  A new infographic from Confused.com takes a look at the latest second screen trends, including how many viewers are using devices to multi-task while watching TV and what they’re doing on these devices.
Read more

The Weather Channel Has 450 Million Page Views Yesterday, Doubles Record

For those of us who had the luxury of cell reception and Internet during the storm, we were glued to our devices checking on predictions, updates and news about Hurricane Sandy. It’s not a surprise that The Weather Channel got a lot of action this week.

On Monday the company had its No. 1 all-time day across platforms yesterday, recording 450 million page views from all properties. This is almost double the company’s previous record of 249 million page views which they saw on 2/1/11 and is much higher than the day of Hurricane Irene’s when traffic was 183 million page views.

Monday was also the media brand’s No. 1 day of all-time for mobile page views. The company had with 125 million page views across its mobile and tablet apps. Mobile apps alone had 110 million page views, the No. 1 day for mobile app use ever. Tablet app traffic reached 14.9 million, which is the No. 2 day for Weather Channel tablet app use ever.


Wiped Out Data Centers In New York Shut Down Gawker, HuffPo

The Huffington Post, Gawker, BuzzFeed, and Gizmodo have experienced outages after their data centers were shut down due to flood waters and power outages in New York.

Media companies that use data hosting from Internap, Peer 1 and Datagram, which are located in lower Manhattan were affected. Data Center Knowledge has the story: “Flooding from Hurricane Sandy has hobbled two data center buildings in Lower Manhattan, taking out diesel fuel pumps used to refuel generators.A third building at 121 Varick is also reported to be without power. There were also reports of outages for some tenants at a major data hub at 111 8th Avenue, and many other New York area facilities were running on generator power amid widespread utility outages.”

Gawker chief Nick Denton tweeted: “Gawker sites down after power cut off at Datagram, our data center down on Whitehall St. Backup power didn’t kick in fast enough.” Gawker and Gizmodo which is part of Gawker Media, remain down, while Huffington Post and BuzzFeed are back up.

Nook HD Reviews From Around The Web

Barnes & Noble ships its new Nook HD tablets this week. The tablets feature 720p HD screen (at 1440×900). It is available in 8GB or 16GB versions for $199 and $229 respectively. It’s getting pretty good reviews. To help give you an idea of what the device is like before it lands in your mailbox and on store shelves, we’ve rounded up a bunch of reviews from around the web.

CNET calls it a “reading tablet for non-technies”. Check it out: “The Barnes & Noble Nook HD can’t match competing tablets in media library breadth, but as long as you’re not looking for bells and whistles, its sharp screen and comfortable body make it an ideal tablet choice for reading books and magazines.”

TechCrunch says, “it’s just about the best reader you can buy.” Check it out: “The Nook HD is Barnes & Noble’s latest entry in the great sub-$200 tablet race, and, barring a few hardware issues associated with this sort of underpowered hardware, I’m glad to report that the Nook HD is, in many ways, superior to the Kindle in this iteration, if only for a few key software and hardware features.” Read more