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Stephen King eBook Features Soundtrack by John Mellencamp & T Bone Burnett

Stephen King has teamed up with musicians John Mellencamp and T Bone Burnett for a new supernatural digital book musical called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.

The multimedia gothic story, which comes out on June 3rd from Hear Music/Concord Music Group, will take the form of an illustrated digital book that was created specifically for Apple’s iBooks. The work includes a story by King, original songs and lyrics by Mellencamp, along with interactive video, sound effects and a full soundtrack with recordings by many other artists.

Here is more about the project from the press release:

The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County saga began when Mellencamp told King about a cabin on his land in Indiana where two brothers had gotten in a fight over a girl; one brother accidentally killing the other, only to die along with the girl in a car crash a short time later. King came up with an outline for a play in a matter of days. And then off and on, back and forth, they began to develop it into a full-length musical.

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News Aggregator App Spun Partners With Thrillist & Expands Categories

Spun, a news aggregating app from Broadcastr (the guys behind electric literature), has partnered with the lifestyle blog network Thrillist as part of its Version 2.0 release.

The Spun app works like Flipboard in 3D. It distills relevant news stories to users from across the web depending on their personalized interests and location. It highlights trending national news, local content and odder smaller stories that may catch your eye. You can spin the app to find stories that you’d like to read and then based on the types of stories that you read, the app will recommend others. ”It’s like putting an ‘interesting’ filter on the Internet,” explained Andy Hunter, CEO of Spun in a statement.

The app also uses location data to give readers localized information, Thrillist restaurant recommendations, for instance.

The Brooklyn-based startup has also added a new category to the app called “Top News & Culture,” expanding coverage to worldwide stories. The Version 2 release comes six months after the launch of its local news app, SPUN: City News, which at launch, was available in select U.S. cities.


Pistol-Shaped iPhone Case Least Likely to Shoot Anyone During Home Invasion

This pistol-shaped, plastic protective case is made for iPhone 5 users who happen to own too many holsters and not enough guns. Unfortunately, the plastic gun doesn’t shoot anything, not even a tweet… so don’t bother pulling any triggers.

The gun comes in silver and copper. Buy three or more and get $2 off for a special tweet-off among your besties? If you’re more of the brass knuckles type, be sure to get the Ghost Head Rings case, it’s a lot cheaper and is deadly in combination with steely knuckle punches. Read more

Fanhattan Releases Set-top Box

Fanhattan wants to make it easier for you to watch your favorite TV and movies without having to use a ton of devices.

The company has created a set-top box called Fan TV that combines all live TV, cloud DVR and video streaming into one device.

Here is more about the idea from the Fan TV blog:

In the mix of hardware, apps and services, the core of the experience was lost: the actual entertainment. We think of it as the “Friday night fail” – sitting down after a long week to be entertained and quickly getting frustrated by the process of a) deciding what to watch and b) finding it across dozens of streaming services, on demand and live TV options, and c) negotiating a limited timespan before your significant other declares the effort hopeless. The loss – we end up settling for whatever is on rather than finding something we would love to watch.

Florida Woman Invents Prancercising, Claims It’s a More Effective Form of Horse Exercise Than Gangnam Style


Prancercising is like a meditative, vegetarian Gangnam Style with a lot more Bronies and a wee bit of ankle weights. It’s an exercise routine, a diet, and obviously a state of being. It’s ideal for those who like to use “imagery to imagine ourselves as a beautiful animal that’s a symbol of beauty, strength and endurance while we’re exercising in order to free our minds of any self image that may be less appealing. . . Striving to be the best “ME” you can be!!” If that’s you, read on.

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