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Archives: December 2013

Video Flashback: One Day, a Computer Will Fit on Your Desk

As the year is nearing its end, it’s nice to rewind and re-watch some of the predictions humans have made about the future. In this one particular video from 1974, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark makes a prediction that’s not only technologically accurate but also culturally aware. He correctly states that we will have computers that will fit onto our desk, but it will also make us more mobile and flexible in where we live and how we move.

What are your predictions about the next year or the next thirty years?

Christmas App Downloads Are Growing Slower Than Ever

The season of gifting is also a rewarding holiday for app developers who often see major spikes in downloads of their work. This year, however, the tradition is slower than years past, indicating a market saturation of mobile devices. For mobile users, this could mean that they are knowledgeable with the app store and apps that they know and like; it’s no longer a season of exploration, but a time to acquire the well tested apps that are familiar and useful.

The statistics come from Flurry analytics, who emphasized that app downloads are still higher than ever this holiday season, despite a major growth of downloads compared to years past:

Overall Growth-resized-600 Read more

Statigr.am: Your Best Five Instagram Images in One Quick Personal Video

It’s hard to miss all of the year end stories on the web this time of year, and it’s no different on Instagram where nearly 40,000 users have been using Statigr.am to create short videos of their best photos from 2013. To get started, visit Statigr.am and connect your photo account. The video tool digs up your five best photos from the year and turns it into a simple slideshow. Due to the site’s popularity, you might experience a delay in getting your video.
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Flipagram is Top Free iPhone Apps List

flipagramFlipagram is the top free iPhone app this week. The app from Cheerful Inc. lets you create videos using your Facebook, Instagram and camera roll photos.

Below, we’ve listed the top free iPhone apps of the week. The list links to Inside Network’s research about the individual apps, including historical charts, developer information and download information.

Every week we spotlight the top free apps every week–helping our readers discover, enjoy and analyze successful content. Read more

Going Viral at all Costs


2013 has been the year of viral. Memes go viral, ideas go viral, sharing goes viral, and even well thought out, introspective journalism goes viral on occasion. But more often than not, what spreads like wildfire across the internet are a slew of half-truths, misreported stories, and even outright lies.

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Ok Glass, I Do: A Google Glass Wedding

Not many brides are considering much of tech gear for their special day, but one in particular wanted to use Google Glass to capture all of her memories using the camera equipped eye wear. According to a statement from the couple, Jessica Kuan and Steven Soong, the two shared a love for technology:

My husband and I have a love for technology. We wanted to use Google Glass to capture the most intimate moment of our lives. All my friends told me they were so emotional that they actually forgot walking down the aisle. This was an experience I never want to forget.

Perhaps she should read our story about digital photography and memory impairment.

Point-and-Shoot: How Digital Photography is Impairing Our Memory

food instagramA memory is a treasured piece of our personal experience that’s often endangered by the tool that’s supposed to help us capture those memories – digital cameras. According to recent research from Psychologist Linda Henkel of Fairfield University, digital cameras are actually diminishing our ability to remember things, just like digital phones are helping us to forget phone numbers.

In her museum experience, Henkel was able to test the memory of museum goers by giving them a list of artifacts and shoot digital cameras. Those who photographed the entire painting was less likely to remember the work of art, but those who shot detailed photos were more likely to remember a lot about the photography subject. Read more

AARP Pools Publications Under Solo iPad App

New_AARPAARP, the nonprofit for Americans ages 50 and up, recently released a new iPad app that brings its publications together under one application. Members will now find the AARP Magazine, Bulletin and eBooks all under the AARP Publications app.

The new app, designed in-house with support from The Wonderfactory and Adobe Systems, will eventually replace existing solo apps from the nonprofit for three publications, including the magazine and bulletin and the VIVA app. Users of these apps will receive a message in the app that encourages them to make the switch. Read more

‘Finn McCool Rises’ is Today’s Free eBook

finn mccoolToday’s free eBook download is a Scottish Adventure story – Finn McCool Rises. Based on Celtic legend, Finn McCool, the story is a fantasy novel full of time travel that will take you from modern day Scotland to the world of legendary Irish hunter-warrior Finn McCool.

Celtic legend Finn McCool arrives in modern day Scotland to protect a journalist. While working on a ‘politically sensitive’ story she discovers her life is in danger from UK security services.

‘Fionn McCool and his Fianna army are asleep tonight on the side of every mountain in the ancient Celtic nations – They are waiting to rise up in defence of their people…’ Read more