Archives: March 2014

Close Call: A Video About the Near Dangers of Wearing Google Glass

There are dangers to multi-tasking, and if you wear Google Glass, you’re inevitably stirring up all sorts of dangers. Walking the street will never be the same, literally, according to this video from Rocketjump. Yet, all of these dangers are avoidable. You can always hurt yourself while walking and checking your phone, in fact, we’ve written about these things numerous times.   However, there is one thing you can never, ever avoid.

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Report: Kill Switch for Smartphones Can Save US Consumers $2.6B Annually

Americans are paying a lot of smartphones, but they’re also paying double if suddenly, their smartphones are stolen. The other cost of having a smartphone? Insurance premiums.

If smartphones came with a mandatory, effective Kill Switch, Americans could be saving around $2.6B a year, mostly in reduced insurance premiums. The number comes from William Duckworth, associate professor of statistics, data science and analytics at Creighton University. Duckworth found that Americans spend approximately $580 million in smartphone replacement every year. On top of that, Americans also shell out $4.8 billion in insurance for their phones. Read more

These New Emoticons Will Help You be Racially Diverse

Mi-Fone, a mobile manufacturing company rallying from Africa is bringing racial diversity to emoticons – those small, expressive facial images that we attach to Tweets and comments when there’s no better word. For a while, the internet was in anguish over the not-so-obvious whiteness of all the traditional emoticons, so, now, there’s a sigh of relief. Sort of.


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‘2048′ Leads The Top Free iPhone Apps List This Week

2048This week’s leading free iOS app is 2048, a simple number and tile game. Tiles sharing the name number can be combined by getting swiped together.  To win, join all of the tiles to obtain a ’2048′ tile. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. The tiles move with each swipe, so you’re constantly re-negotiation strategies and numbers. You can also play a desktop version.

Below, we’ve listed the top free iPhone apps of the week. The list links to Inside Network’s research about the individual apps, including historical charts, developer information and download information. Read more

‘The Long Way Home’ is Today’s Free eBook

a long way homeToday’s free eBook download is The Long Way Home, a story from Judah Knight about an adventure that would unite two friends in a story about treasure, romance, and healing from love lost:

He had a boat; she needed a ride. The long way home became a ride that would change their lives forever. When Meg was stranded in the Caribbean, her life was dramatically changed through an encounter with an old friend that turned into adventure, danger, discovery, and love. Meg Freeman and Jon Davenport began a surprising adventure connected to a 17th century, shipwrecked Spanish galleon. Read more

Optician: Too Much Smartphone Usage Can Damage Vision

textdrive304The blue-violet light beaming from your precious smartphone can damage your eyes. Too much exposure to this particular type of light, and you can damage your vision.

That’s the latest warning from optician, Andy Hepworth, who warns users that blue “violet light is potentially hazardous to the back of your eyes.” Moreover, tests have found that blue-violet light can lead to a higher risk for macular degeneration, otherwise known of blindness.

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