Here’s a treat for you. A few weeks ago Apple unveiled iBooks Author, their new ebook assembly tool. That launch has gotten all sorts of attention, including comments on the unreasonable EULA, format restrictions, and other issues.

But have you ever looked at one of the eBooks made with iBooks Author? I bet at least some of my readers have not, so I am pleased to share one with you today.

Walrus Books, a French digital publisher, posted this ebook earlier this week. I’m still downloading it, but some of the screen shots look fascinating. It’s in French, yes, but even if you cannot read it you can still observe how the book behaves in iBooks and you can take it apart and look at the guts.

You can download the eBook at DropBox. You’ll also get  PDF of the eBook, which will be useful for anyone who doesn’t have an iPad.