Disable Facebook Sharing In The Spotify iPhone And Android Apps

Over the weekend concerns about Facebook oversharing was the topic of posts on Google+ and on blogs. The concern is over Facebook’s new “frictionless sharing” with apps that automatically share information to the service. An example is Spotify, which will post the names of the songs that you are listening to on your Facebook newsfeed so your friends know what music you are listening to.

Many people are afraid that because apps like Spotify are sharing this information without you specifically directing it to, something embarassing might be disclosed. If your boss is also your Facebook friend you might not want him to know you are listening to music while on the job.

Fortunately, if you use the Spotify mobile apps you can disable the feature that shares the names of the songs you are playing with Facebook. Be sure to install the latest version of either the iPhone or Android app on your phone.

To turn off Facebook sharing on an iPhone, start Spotify and tap Settings, and then change the Show On Facebook setting to Off. When you do this, the app will ask whether you want to have a private session instead. The private session temporarily disables sharing to Facebook for six hours. If you want to permanently turn off sharing to Facebook tap Don’t Show On Facebook.

To turn off Facebook sharing on an Android phone, start Spotify and tap Menu, Settings, scroll down to the bottom and clear the checkbox for Show On Facebook. Again, you will be prompted for whether you really want to have a private session instead, to permanently turn off sharing to Facebook tap Disable Posting.

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