Spreadsong’s $1.99 Free Audiobooks and Oceanhouse Media’s $3.99 The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss app topped the list this morning in the Top paid apps in the Books category of Apple’s app store.

Spreadsong’s $1.99 Free Books app, which comes preloaded with more than 23,000 eBooks came in third. Pocket God Comics placed at #4 and MegaReader’s app that comes with 1.8 million free eBooks for $2.99 is the #5 app. Joe Kwon’s $.99 True Ghost Stories app is #6. Oceanhouse Media’s Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss app is #7.

Religious and self-help titles rounded out the top Top 10, with DMBC’s $.99 The Holy Bible King James Version placing at #8, Olive Tree Bible Software’s $9.99 NIV Bible BibleReader at #9 and Alexandru Brie’s Self Help Classics placing at #10.