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Drones Powered By Human Thought Brings Us One Step Closer to Telepathy

Leave your iPhone at home because you won’t need it for this drone – it’s controlled by your brain. Think telepathy. Just by thinking of forming a fist with your right hand will move the quadrocopter to the right. Mind over matter right? Since the technology is non-invasive and does not require chips or any other sort of physical implants,  test subjects were able to strap on a brain-sensor “hat” that detects the brain’s neurons, which then propels the helicopter. Watch the amazing video demonstration below.

The brain-computer was developed by a team of researchers at The University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering, led by Professor Bin He, who intends to use the brain-interface for patients with disabilities or neurodegenerate disorders:

Freely exploring and interacting with the world around us is a crucial element of autonomy that is lost in the context of neurodegenerative disease. Brain–computer interfaces are systems that aim to restore or enhance a user’s ability to interact with the environment via a computer and through the use of only thought.

Read the full report from He in the Journal of Neural Engineering.

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