This month a group of first – sixth graders in Ohio are setting out to design their own smartphone app. Kilgour School, a public elementary school in Cincinnati, is launching an after school program dedicated to app building in conjunction with Northern Kentucky University and the Ohio-based nonprofit Partnership for Innovation in Education.

The students will use “App Inventor,” a tool designed by MIT and Google to help educators learn and teach app inventing. Once they have built it, they will work together to market it and all of the proceeds will go to the school. has the story: “Organizers and national experts say this is the first time they’ve heard of such a program being offered to kids this young. The youngest class MIT has heard of is in middle school. But it has great potential, experts say, as the world becomes accustomed to apps helping with everything from weight loss to algebra.”  Who knows what they’ll come up with. Recently an eleven-year old in Florida built his own social network.