Evernote’s major Android app update included a great new feature – handwriting support. The new function came from the acquisition of Penultimate in 2012. With the addition of Penultimate’s sleek handwriting technology, Android users on Evernote can now add searchable, handwritten notes to sketches while still adding additional photos and audio to your notes.

Tap to Write
Whenever you’re in a note, tap the paperclip icon, then tap on the pen. If you need more writing area, tap the down arrow, then tap the plus. Use two fingers to move around the handwriting area. If you need a different color or thickness, choose it. When you’re done, tap on the checkmark. After that, you can continue typing, add an attachment, record some audio, and drop an image into the note. Everything is in one place.


The update also includes some other great features for Android: better note editing, faster camera with focus and autofocus options, and some bug fixes.