Evernote Hits Back at Google With Deutsche Telekom Deal and App Update

mobile apps, notes, note sharing, photo sharing, reminders, keep, evernoteJust a week after Google launched its Evernote competitor, Keep, the note-taking app has launched an update and announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom that would put its premium app in the hands of the German company’s more than 60 million customers for a year-long trial period.

Evernote hopes that many of those customers will get hooked on the features exclusive to the premium version of the app, which costs $5 a month. The premium app is Evernote’s chief source of revenue, according to a Wall Street Journal interview with CEO Phil Libin.

The cloud-based premium app supports more uploads note-sharing and offline access to notes and other features.

The company launched and update for Android users today that adds to the list of features for free and premium users.

Premium users can now use the app’s search function to search documents created in Microsoft Office or Apple’s iWork and saved to Evernote’s digital file cabinet.

All users can create menu shortcuts on their mobile devices, a feature that was previously only available for Mac users.

Other improvements to the app target users who employ their mobile camera to photograph notes created on paper. Users can save multiple photos as part of the same note in the app. The camera is also better optimized to capture paper documents, particularly those created in the Evernote Smart Notebook, a Moleskin notebook with stickers that double as tags and dots that help the app correct images for camera angle.

mobile apps, notes, note sharing, photo sharing, reminders, keep, evernote

mobile apps, notes, note sharing, photo sharing, reminders, keep, evernote

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