Facebook to Send Trend Reports to Top Four Television Networks

In a move that demonstrates even further that social media users are, in fact, the product, Facebook will be sending weekly data reports to ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS, according to The Wall Street Journal Digits blog.

“The reports will reveal how many ‘actions’ — likes, comments, or shares — a television episode has inspired on Facebook and how many members participated in an action,” according to the blog post.

Facebook has been publishing weekly trend reports via its newsroom since August. However, the new reports will be limited and not available to the general public, according to Digits blog. User identifications will also be removed so the reports are essentially keyword trending reports.

“They show, for example, that a recent episode of ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ generated more than 1 million interactions from some 750 thousand people.”

This move is said to rival the partnership between Twitter and Nielsen for measuring social TV engagement, which started earlier this year. Chief Research Officer for CBS David Poltrack said the Facebook data is a demonstration of the nuanced differences between the Facebook and Twitter audiences, according to a blog post. While Twitter’s real-time conversations are valuable, he anticipates Facebook being more indicative of actual viewing levels.


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