Foursquare Tweaks Its Platform with “Notification Tray”

Foursquare maintains its presence in the social network by tweaking its platform with a new addition. A very cool looking and useful notification system that lifts users “beyond the check-in.” Ironically, the new addition is only available for Android and web users first.

The New York-based company is known for opting to iPhone users first. So, enjoy it Android users. Your day has come. Nevertheless, I am sure iPhone users will be getting their Foursquare addition soon.

The feature is called a new “notification tray”. It is set up to help you organize all your Foursquare-related activities into a single timeline. When you first glance at the new layout, you may not notice the subtle changes or equate the new look to notifications on the official Facebook app. Once you start using the tray, you’ll see how cool and different it is.

This is what you will see:

•a friend comments on one of your check-ins;
•there are new comments or photos on a check-in you’ve commented on;
•your friend does one of the Tips you’ve left;
•you and a friend both have the same place on your To-Do List;
•a place you’re at starts swarming;
•one of your Facebook friends joins foursquare; and,
•you’re ousted as Mayor (boo!).

Also, you can turn the notifications off as you please, so you’re not compelled to check-in everywhere at once. The new release also has as simple “mute” feature to help you put your day to rest, plan for a quite night or spend a long weekend out of town.

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