Foursquare Visualization Maps And Animates Your Check-in Habits

Are you a Foursquare hermit? Or do you cavort around town checking-in to coffee shops, the gym and pizzerias all day? A new Foursquare visualization from will show you just how and where you check-in using slick graphics and a smooth timeline. You can watch yourself and your friends as you zip around town, and you might notice some interesting emerging trends. Watching yourself hit up that pizza place around the corner eight times in two weeks while only going to the gym twice might inspire you to change not just your check-in habits, but your lifestyle too.

You can go to and create your own visualization simply by logging in to Foursquare. Or, if you just want to get a peek into other people’s social lives, why not browse the more than 10,000 visualizations already created? The below screenshot shows just about two weeks in the life of Tristan Walker, business developer over at FourSquare.

foursquare visualization

This app is quite cool. It shows you zipping around town from one check-in to another using a flashing yellow line, with blue dots popping up to show each Foursquare check-in. These dots grow larger and include numbers that count up each time you visit – so you get to see just how often you sit in Starbucks sipping lattes every day. Tristan, for example, checked in to Fraiche Yogurt 15 times in the 13-day period we took a look at.

So, how does your Foursquare visualization look? Are you someone who goes to new places all the time? Or do you frequent the same laundromat, sub shack and coffee shop over and over? Give this visualization a whirl and find out.

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