supersad.jpgThis eBookNewser editor has been fascinated by Amazon’s Most Highlighted Books of All Time list. Some dislike the feature, but we love studying the passages that readers underline.

As part of a new feature, we will analyze the most popular passages from various Kindle books. Today we looked at Gary Shteyngart‘s new novel, Super Sad True Love Story.

16 readers underlined the most popular passage in the novel: “My youth has passed, but the wisdom of age hardly beckons. Why is it so hard to be a grown-up man in this world?”

In addition, 13 Kindle users highlighted this passage: “The phrase ‘I live for my kids,’ for example, is tantamount to admitting that one will be dead shortly and that one’s life, for all practical purposes, is already over. ‘I’m gradually dying for my kids’ would be more accurate.”

Finally, 12 readers underlined this passage: “Remember this, Lenny; develop a sense of nostalgia for something, or you’ll never figure out what’s important.”