Google eBooks Adopts Whale Fail – A Tribute To Twitter?

The new Google eBookstore launched earlier this week, and it already has people talking. With Google eBooks, the company is looking to jump into the eBook market by offering three million ebooks. The service will include both the older classics and new books that pop up on your store shelves.

Google eBooks will also work with most eBook readers, and there will be apps available for Android and Apple devices. That is not all though. Anywhere you want to read your eBooks purchases through Google eBooks, there is a good chance that you can. This includes your laptop, netbooks, and tablets.

Google has also made it that you can access your books in the cloud through a password locked environment similar to you accessing your Gmail. All of this sounds great, doesn’t it? Now nothing is perfect in this world. Not even Google can claim perfection when it comes to technology, and this means there are bound to be errors that pop up with this new service.

The page that loads when these errors is getting some notice though because it looks very similar to another error page that is quite well known by users in the social media world – the Twitter fail whale.

The Google eBooks whale fail looks to be a tribute to that Twitter page, but there are also some other there that feel it isn’t related to Twitter at all. Instead, some argue that the whale being celebrated in this error page is one of literature’s great whales – Moby Dick. Now which do you think it is – Twitter or Moby Dick?

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