Google Explains Advertising in a Pop-Up Book

Google has reduced its entire suite of advertising options on Search, YouTube, Hangouts, Google+ and other products to a digital pop-up book with color illustrations. We’d be insulted, but we were too busy clapping our hands and chanting, “again!”

Google’s Digital Creativity Guidebook lets advertisers flip through a virtual village in which YouTube is an outdoor movie theater, Google+ Hangouts is an outdoor arena, and Maps is a 3D overview of them all. If you pull on the tabs, you’ll see your advertising options. If you click on the magnifying glass, you’ll be taken to a case study showing how the advertising solution works.

The result is every bit as pretty as a Google Doodle and you can flip through the whole thing in less than a minute. You might even find a tool you didn’t know about, like Party Mode for Google+ events.

During a brief stint as a telemarketer for a yellow page company, this SocialTimes editor had the pleasure of trying to explain Google AdWords to small business customers over the phone. (And by small, I mean donut shops, cash-for-gold stores, and what I suspect were shell companies for marijuana dealers.) This was in 2008 and it did not go over well.

The most successful salesman I worked with didn’t even try to explain how our company could manage an AdWords campaign for a small business; he literally just picked up the phone and asked people, “Do you want to be on Google?”

If only we’d had this pop-up book to show the customers.

For all its simplicity, the case studies in this guidebook involve luxury brands like Lexus and well-known organizations like the Golden Gate National Park.

It’s not for babies, but it’s a good reminder that Google has more to offer advertisers than keywords and blue links.


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