New Google Glass App Can Read Your Mind, Snap and Share Photos

google glass

London-based startup This Place has developed a software that lets Google Glass users snap a photo just by thinking about it, and even share it to social media sites.

The app MindRDR works with NeuroSky’s commercially available brain monitor called MindWave Mobile to detect increased levels of brain activity during periods of high concentration.

A white horizontal line appears on Glass’s screen when a user is concentrating on a particular object. Sustained concentration pushes the bar higher until it reaches the top and activates the camera’s shutter. Refocusing pushes the line up again, activating social media sharing.

While the device will certainly raise concerns among privacy advocates, users are more conspicuous when wearing it. A Google spokesperson told the BBC, “We have not reviewed nor approved the app so it won’t be available in the Glass app store.”

The MindRDR software is free, but the NeuroSky headset costs $120.

*image credit and H/T: Digital Trends

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