Google+ Traffic Returns To Pre-Spike Levels

Google Plus’ growth spurt, powered by opening the network to the public, was short-lived according to data analytics company Chitika.

Launched in late June, Google+ originally procured new members by invitation only.

On September 20, 2011, Google removed the sign-up restriction and usage spiked to more than 1200 percent.

Alas, the traffic has ebbed 60 percent of its maximum and is back to where it was prior to the social network becoming publicly available. “The data shows that, on the day of its public debut, Google+ traffic skyrocketed to peak levels. But, soon after, traffic fell by over 60% as it returned to its normal, underwhelming state. It would appear that although high levels of publicity were able to draw new traffic to Google+, few of them saw reason to stay,” Chitika data analyst Gabe Donnini wrote.

Chitika also speculates two reasons for this lack of interest:

-The supply of users for social media sites is limited. To survive you must stand out and provide a service that others do not.

-Features unique to your site must be just that – unique and difficult to duplicate – if they are not, the competitive advantage quickly disappears.

I am sure that Google can bring those numbers back up again with its partnership with Microsoft, growing online ad business, massive traffic and ever increasing influence.

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