Nerd alert! Witches and wizards who are shopping for Hogwarts supplies can now find a map of Diagon Alley, aka Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, in Street View on Google Maps. If you’re wondering if the actual shops live up to the pictures, just ask the Google+ users who have already visited Diagon Alley and left a review.

Overall, 21 reviewers have given the theme park based on the film version of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series a “very good to excellent” average score of 23 points out of 30. We’ve compiled some their best tips.

Underage witches and wizards should bring an older friend.

Tall witches take note: Madame Malkin’s robes do not come in extra long.

Just don’t show up at the same time as Draco Malfoy and you’ll be fine.

What Muggles are saying: