Groupon Acquires Team

Groupon, the purveyor of group-based local deals, has acquired Ditto, a company that helps users connect with other local and interested users about entertainment and food options.  Ditto is currently an iPhone application, and it sounds like Groupon is acquiring the Ditto team but have plans to shut down Ditto itself.

More specifically, the Ditto service gives you a few key options.  One is to follow your friends and figure out what they’re up to.  Are they hitting a cafe?  Are they attending a movie?  If so, you can easily join them with a few clicks.  The other element is of course, sharing what you are doing yourself to your friends.  Ditto also integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare so that you can share your plans to those networks as well.

At this point, the application isn’t too huge, with a 4.5 rating on only 58 reviews and only 1000~ Facebook likes.  Over at the official Ditto blog, the team explained that they can’t reveal what they’re working on, but that Ditto will be shutting down on April 30th.

It’s likely that the team will be responsible for helping Groupon develop their next generation of services, which seems as if it will try to blend coupons and a social network of sorts.  The idea that I could connect with local friends and then easily load up a coupon that we can all buy and share at a close by restaurant is a fun use-case.  With a team like Ditto, Groupon may be one step closer to that sort of experience.

What do you think Ditto will be up to?

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