Social networks make more people feel connected with their friends, but they interact with them face-to-face less frequently, according to the results of a poll of 2,258 adults conducted Sept. 1-3 by Harris Interactive.

The poll found that 57 percent of respondents felt more connected to people than in the past, and 56 percent keep in touch more with friends, but 58 percent don’t interact with friends personally or individually, and 54 percent have less face-to-face contact.

When comparing respondents aged 18-34 and 55 and older, the younger group was more likely to keep in touch with friends now than in the past (63 percent versus 52 percent) and felt more connected (63 percent versus 53 percent), but the younger group also reported less face-to-face contact with friends (56 percent versus 49 percent) and less personal interaction (60 percent versus 54 percent).

A total of 87 percent of respondents use social media, and 58 percent reported feeling very connected or connected to close friends, 52 percent to immediate family, and 42 percent to extended family. In addition, 36 percent felt connected to friends of friends or acquaintances, 32 percent to old classmates, and just 19 percent to business associates.