Twitter management console HootSuite today announced the addition of new features designed to better integrate other social media tools and the latest Twitter applications.

In a blog post today, HootSuite said Twitter Lists were a frequent request of its users, who now can import their existing Lists as well as create new lists in HootSuite. An example of the Lists management interface is below.


The blog also detailed how Facebook and LinkedIn are integrated:

Whereas before you could update Facebook and LinkedIn through functionality, things are different now. Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are treated similarly to Twitter accounts: you can create columns from these social networks, read your friends’ status updates, and update multiple Facebook accounts. Facebook integration offers in-line commenting.

Finally, HootSuite says it is extending the scheduling function for tweets to include status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and

This is a significant strategic move by HootSuite, which is trying to evolve from a Twitter-centric service to a social media management platform. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.