How Will Google+ Be Integrated With Android?

By now you most likely have heard about Google’s new social networking app, Google+. While much of the talk about Google+ has been about how it affects other sites like Facebook and Twitter, I think another valid question is how it will affect Android. As Todd has posted, Google is providing an app for the iPhone, but we don’t know whether the iPhone Google+ app will have the same features that are available on Android. I think it is reasonable to expect Google+ to have deeper with Android than the iPhone.

The best that will be available for the iPhone is a Google+ app. In contrast, Google+ could become directly integrated with Android. Writing for, Kevin Toffel says that he can see direct integration between Google+ and the Android contacts and calendar apps. The existing contacts portion of Gmail, which Android syncs with, is pretty bland, and I like the idea Kevin suggests of Google+ becoming a social network enhanced replacement of the Gmail contacts.

For now the level of integration between Google+ and Android that Kevin describes does not exist, and we just have the Android app, which means that at least initially iPhone and Android access to Google+ will probably be on par. Unfortunately, access to Google+ is by invite only and I did not receive one. However, if you are interested to know more about the Google+ app Andrew Kameka has written a great article about how to use Google+ with Android.

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