India’s SMS Gupshup Wants to be World’s Biggest Mobile Social Network

An Indian group-texting service called SMS GupShup wants to become the world’s biggest mobile social network. And, they want to take on Facebook and Foursquare. SMS GupShup has a good reason to want to be the biggest.

The company already has 45 million users in India and is on a $10 million revenue growth rate. Its founder and CEO, Beerud Sheth comes with experience. Previously, he co-founded Elance, a freelancer platform with a very strong presence on the web.

Business Insider spoke with Sheth about his company’s plan of expanding outside of India. He sees his company as a big part of the future of mobile and social. Sheth used the word “social graph,” which he defines as the map of your connections with all your friends, and is supposedly what makes Facebook so valuable.

Sheth feels the “social graph” is one of the two good reasons why SMS GupShup becomes the world’s biggest mobile social network. Your phone and his service works with every phone.

He explains that our phone book gives a much better idea of who our real friends are, because of who we call and text. Unlike, Facebook’s long-lost buddies from high school who are really not our true friends. And because SMS GupShup works on SMS, it can reach everyone. Group messaging on smartphones works great when all of your friends have a smartphone, but that’s not the case for the vast majority of people around the world.

Sheth told Business Insider as mobile and web converge, mobile will be a much more powerful medium in reach potential compared to the web, which is richer with interactions. For that reason, Sheth’s company is betting that a mobile-based social networking service will do very well compared to online networks.

What about Foursquare? Sheth thinks of it as a feature that “enhances social interaction and advertising.” Location check-ins has a “separate existence outside the social networks, over time.”

Sheth seems to know his business by his company’s growth rate. It will be interesting to see if his company becomes the world’s biggest mobile social network.

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