iPhone/iPad Convert Email to Calendar Event Tip

Here’s a handy tip for iPhone (iPod touch too) and iPad users. If you receive email with phrases that are related to event concepts, you can create a calendar event using linked event information automatically created for the phrases.

For example, two friends and I have regularly scheduled lunches twice a month. Of course, there are times when one or more of us can’t attend. In this case, one of my friends sent email with text fragments like “for lunch today” and “Tuesday lunch”. You can see these text fragments underlined in the first screenshot.

Tapping on one of the phrases results in an action balloon popping up asking me if I want to “Create Event”. Selecting that results in the second screenshot you see here. It took the email’s subject line and used it as the name for the calendar event. In this case, it didn’t make sense to actually create a calendar event for a cancelled lunch. However, it is a good example of email text fragments that can be used to quickly create a calendar event.

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