GretaWire_1.23.bmpOn GretaWire, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren blogs about the ratings on inauguration day, and takes on those who criticized MSNBC’s performance.

Here is my theory: I think their viewership at MS/NBC got cut in half by NBC – their mothership which ALSO covered the events. CNN does not have a broadcast network to take their viewers so they kept their total audience. I don’t know how much Fox Broadcast did to FNC or to what extent it had an impact on Fox News Channel, but NBC did have a large audience and I bet that means it stole lots of viewers from MS/NBC.

Is this the change we’ve been hearing so much about?

Probably not. Here’s Greta’s update to her post:

…some early comments posted on this blog entry asks essentially why I care enough to blog about this…and my answer? I don’t really care but think it brings you behind the scenes on this business, the analysis of TV that is done behind the scenes etc and I have promised to bring you behind the scenes. So that’s all…it is not a big deal…just my thoughts on the topic.