Is Tumblr Working on a Secret Project Called Seltzer?

Tumblr has been growing steadily since its inception. The microblogging site continues to hit milestones including its 10 millionth post and profiles for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Joe Jonas, Zooey Deschannel, Katy Perry, Joseph Gordon Levitt and John Legend. And, just recently, President Obama’s campaign for 2012 began blogging on the popular platform.

At the present, Fusible reports that it looks as if Tumblr is preparing to launch something new called Seltzer.

More than a few private domain names were registered this week using the brand protection and domain management company MarkMonitor. The registration is recorded at the company and it shows the name

Other domain registrations feature,, and, an interesting name,

Fusible seems to ferret out new domain names no matter where they are officially registered. According to the technology news site, Tumblr has a track record of retaining to acquire domain names. The speculation is that Tumblr could be using MarkMonitor in light of keeping future developments or projects a secret in anticipation of when they are formally released. MarkMonitor is not new to working with social media platforms similar to Tumblr’s stature like Facebook and Google.

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