It Was Nice Knowing You, Jott

Back in April I expressed my love for Jott, the voice transcription service that allows you to send yourself reminders.

However, as the weeks have gone by, I have noticed a serious change in the service’s accuracy and quality. Assuming that my speech hasn’t dramatically changed without me noticing, I don’t know how to account for the decline. What I do know, is that this was not the time to let the wheels come off the bus.Starting Wednesday, September 10th at 9:00 pm PST, Jott becomes a paid service.

Options are as follows:

Jott Pro
- 30-second messages
- Unlimited voice-to-text reminders
- Manage to-do lists online/e-mail
- Jott app for Blackberry/Outlook

- 15-second messages
- Unlimited voice-to-text reminders
- Manage to-do lists online/e-mail
- Jott app for Outlook

Jott Basic
- Ad supported
- 15-second messages
- Unlimited voice-to-text reminders

Pay-as-you-go plans let you purchase 10 to 100 minutes blocks, without the commitment of a contract.

Only credit cards are currently accepted. And you will be automatically billed on the 20th of each month. You can cancel at any time.

Jott Express, a desktop feature that syncs with iPhones, offers a clean interface and is quite easy to navigate.

While I like the service, I can’t see paying for it – even at 13 cents a day. I will, however, stick around for the ad-supported version. Assuming these ads are not intrusive and annoying, I’ll stick with Jott. We’ll see how it goes on Wednesday.

To the owner’s credit, they never promised to keep the service free forever.

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