IWNY: Webutantes Live In Public


Last night Gawker.tv and Internet Week 2010 hosted the 2010 Webutante Ball. Media types and webutantes of all sorts were herded into Meatpacking District staple Marquee for drinks, dancing and general debauchery. The event climaxed with awards for the “Webutante King,” “Webutante Queen,” “Most Likely to Succeed” and the “Fameball Hall of Fame.”

Mediabistro.com founder Laurel Touby was there, and took the photo above of the crowd. In fact, the real belle of the ball should have been the iPhones, Flipcams and other recording devices, which got heavy use that night. Ordinary media people taking photos and video of other media people.

Or as Laurel put it:

“10 years later and we are all just in a room taking pictures of each other.”

She also noted that Josh Harris, a veteran of the first dot com boom and the subject of the documentary “We Live in Public,” was sitting in a corner, by himself.

In 1999, Harris put 150 human guinea pigs in an underground abode in New York City, recording everything they did, 24 hours a day. He later broadcast his relationship with his girlfriend live online, eventually leading to their break-up

Maybe it was too much too take, even for him.

Video of the flashbulb-heavy affair is after the jump.

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