Watch: YouTube's CitizenTube Is Collecting Raw Eyewitness Videos of Earthquake

This morning the social web is ablaze with news about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Trending topics on Twitter include Fukushima, #tsunami, #prayforjapan and now, as the effects of the tsunami are making their way to Hawaii we’re seeing Waikiki Beach and Kauai trending as well. Of course, CNN, the BBC and other news sources are reporting on what’s going on in Japan, but YouTube’s CitizenTube has emerged as one of the best places to go to see raw, live footage of the quake.

The YouTube CitizenTube channel has started a massive playlist of videos of the Earthquake in Japan. They say on the channel, “A powerful 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook northeast Japan, which set off a massive tsunami that pummeled the area with a wall of water. Watch raw, eyewitness footage here.” The eyewitness footage is flying in and has already racked up thousands of views in only a few hours.

A lot of the footage is in Japanese, but one YouTuber named Gregorio who is attending Temple University in Japan has been uploading videos throughout the day of his experience. Check out his first video below and see more on his YouTube channel, atomicboyx.

Yet again, YouTube and social media are proving their power as engines for spreading news quickly and letting us see first hand the experiences of people in traumatic and historical events. Our hearts go out to those in Japan, Hawaii and elsewhere who have been affected by this horrible tragedy, and the YouTube comments and conversation on Twitter show that people around the globe are praying for Japan as well.

How many of our readers found out about the earthquake this morning on Twitter? How many have used YouTube to get more information and see what’s going on, firsthand? Let us know in the comments.

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