Jonathan Franzen Would Use A Nook If He Used An eReader

While Jonathan Franzen isn’t joining Danielle Steele and others who will star in the latest Barnes & Noble’s Nook commercials. He has given the Nook an endorsement, well, kind of.

In an interview with New York Magazine, he said: “I don’t have a reading device. If I did, I would have the Nook, but I don’t. I keep the books I like, and the ones I don’t, I get rid of. I used to sell them at the Strand, and now I just give them away.”

In the interview, Franzen also shared his reading and and TV viewing tastes. He said that he recently he has been reading a lot of Edith Wharton but had trouble getting into Henry James lately. Also he likes watching Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights and The Wire.


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