Canadian eBook company Kobo has opened an office in New York City, bringing the eBook company to the backyard of major U.S. publishers.

GalleyCat reports: “The Canadian eBook company Kobo has opened a New York City office, building a staff ‘focused on publisher relations and content acquisition for the US market.’ To staff this new office, the company has hired Ami Greko as vendor relations senior manager and Jan Ehrlich as magazines and newspapers senior director.”

The company has plans to get more involved in the U.S. publishing world. The Kobo blog says: “Publisher relationships are something we take very seriously at Kobo. We have always believed that building the digital reading market is something that should be done with publishers, rather than done to publishers. The more we can collaborate, the more information we can exchange, the better it will be for publishers, for Kobo and for the readers we serve. Our work with US-based publishers is growing at a frantic pace as we continue to add new vendors, deepen our retail relationships, innovate on devices, and manage the intricacies of agency relationships. Expect to see us in person more often, at more conferences, running and sponsoring events and generally making more noise.”