LinkedIn Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

LinkedInAfter a great run, a successful IPO and a series of progressively profitable quarters, LinkedIn has been hit with a bit of bad news in the last few weeks. It started with the fact that 6 million of their users’ passwords had been leaked to a Russian site. Then there were the phishers. Now the company has been hit with a $5 million class action lawsuit attempting to collect remuneration for the “lack of security measures” that LinkedIn implemented for its passwords.

The lawsuit was uploaded by jeff_roberts881 over at Scribd, and shows that it is being filed by KATIE SZPYRKA and “on behalf of all others similarly situated” against the “LINKEDIN CORPORATION”. It accuses LinkedIn of failing to safguard users’ personal identifiable information including e-mail addresses, passwords and login credentials. This violates their “User Agreemen tand Privacy Policy”.

The argument will be made that LinkedIn hadn’t done enough to protect those passwords, and the suit indicates that LinkedIn did not implement a strict enough encryption process. LinkedIn’s passwords were hashed, which is a more basic for of encryption and obscuring, but not salted, which makes it far more difficult for the passwords to be hacked.

Check out more details about the case at Courthouse News Service.


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