LocalMind Brings Crowdsourcing Q&A To Android

Earlier this week Todd wrote about the LocalMind app for the iPhone, and the Android version of this free crowdsourcing app is now available in the Android Market. With LocalMind you can ask questions to and receive answers from people checked in at or near your location.

LocalMind leverages the check-in services of Foursquare, Facebook, Gowalla, and Twitter, although after using it on my Nexus S, I am not sure exactly how it uses these check-in services. By default it displays anyone who is checked in at locations within 50 miles, and you can filter the list down to as little as 1 mile.

To ask a question you tap the location, then tap the Send question button. If someone sends you a question you receive a notification, and when you tap the notification it opens the Questions tab of the LocalMind app.

You receive answers to your questions via email, and iPhone users have the ability to continue a conversation with the person who answered your question. Apparently, that conversation functionality is not in the Android app, and I find it odd that the answers don’t directly appear in the app.

Basically, LocalMind provides a different take on the check-in app genre buy providing a user with the ability to interact with other people at a location. I can see LocalMind being valuable when attending a new venue where you don’t know the location of services like restrooms, although I agree with the points that Todd made in his article.

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