Earlier this week I ran through the list of dates proposed as the date Windows Phone 7 powered smartphones would be available in the U.S.

Windows Phone 7 Launch Date? Oct. 11, Oct. 15, or Nov. 11?

Paul Thurrot, co-host of the Windows Weekly podcast and author of the soon-to-be-released “Windows Phone Secrets” book said that the U.S. launch date was none of the dates in my list.

Windows Phone US launch is November 8

The Wall Street Journal’s Roger Cheng’s report supports Thurrot’s launch date information.

Microsoft, AT&T to Unveil New Smartphones

Microsoft Corp. will formally unveil a lineup of smartphones using the revamped version of its mobile operating system on Oct. 11, and AT&T Inc. will begin offering them four weeks later, according to people familiar with the launch plans.

Four weeks after Oct. 11 is Nov. 8. So, there we go folks. We should have some kind of indication by this Christmas if Microsoft’s attempt to rebound from the dark ages of Windows Mobile 6 is working or not.