Ready, set, animate your doodles! Sounds fun right? I love doodling – I’m practically a pro, but I have never animated my doodles. When I saw the Loop app, I knew I’ve been missing out. The best part about animating my own doodles? GIFs!

Loop turns your iPad into a mini-spiral bound sketchbook full of moving images – the animations are gifs that you can edit and share. The app gives you just three simple colors to draw with: blue, red, and black. Thicker lines are made with swift strokes while slower strokes will give you thinner lines. Use the eraser tool to remove unwanted lines (no “undo”). Duplicate slides to quickly make animations and edits. You can also use your phone’s camera to capture videos and stills for “tracing” (photo below).


Here are some of my favorite Loops from the user-submitted gallery: