Macmillan Ads Jab at Amazon


The standoff between Macmillan and Amazon is still going, and maybe even picking up steam as HarperCollins gets into the mix. Our sibling GalleyCat has been reporting today on two Macmillan ads that comment on the situation with Amazon.

The first, a NYT ad for Atul Gawande’s new book ‘The Checklist,’ just has a small line at the bottom that says, “Available at booksellers everywhere except Amazon.”

The second is another ad in Publishers Lunch. Here’s more from GalleyCat:

Follow this subscription only link to read the ad. Here is an excerpt: “Lastly, my deepest thanks to you, our authors and illustrators. Macmillan and Amazon as corporations had our differences that needed to be resolved. You are the ones whose books lost their buy buttons … I cannot tell you when we will resume business as usual with Amazon, and needless to say I can promise nothing on the buy buttons. You can tell by the tone of this letter though that I feel the time is getting near to hand.”

When will this standoff end?

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