WarmingGlow_3.2.bmpUproxx has added another site to its network of pop culture, sports and entertainment blogs. Warming Glow describes itself as being “dedicated to the best and worst of television programming. Mostly the worst.”

Warming Glow is written by Matt Ufford, who was the primary blogger for Uproxx’s sports/humor blog “With Leather.”

Ufford, a Marine who was in the lead tank during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, was cited for valor in combat. Now he sits on a couch, watches TV and writes about it. We need a job like that. Oh wait, we do have a job like that. (For the record we sit in desk chairs, have desktop computers, phones, even rolodexes.)

Warming Glow says it will feature opinions “on which reality shows are destroying the fabric of humanity” as well as clips from around the world of networks and cable.