Marissa Mayer: 'Google Hasn't Gotten Social Right Yet'

When your local dry cleaner is asking you to follow them on Twitter, you know social media is big. Yet, in our latest @MediaBeat interview, Google consumer products VP Marissa Mayer admitted that her own company has lagged a bit behind in the space.

“One of the things that we’ve learned is that Google hasn’t gotten social right yet. That said, social is really important; it’s something that we’re working very hard on. I think that we will get it right,” Mayer said. “I think that if you look at some of the main platforms of the Web, it’s search, video, mobile and social. We’ve done really well in three out of those four, and we’re working very hard on the fourth.”

And, although Google is expanding at a rapid rate, Mayer said protecting user privacy is “the core” of its business. “We really think about privacy in all of our products. We focus on transparency, choice and control, making sure that users understand how data is used, giving them a choice as to whether or not to use the service,” she explained.

Watch the full video to find out why Google banned Facebook from grabbing Gmail data and for Mayer’s answer to @knowledgenotebk‘s question about education technology.

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