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Media Beat: Mashable Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow on How Digital Journalism Works

Mashable.com is a force both in the Web journalism and social media worlds. By leveraging the Web’s social capabilities, Mashable has built a reputation as a go-to source for all things social &#151 using the same techniques they write about to achieve staggering growth. Adam Ostrow has orchestrated much of that success, and as editor-in-chief is tasked with ensuring the site continues to burgeon.

In this first portion of our three-part interview, Ostrow lays out the more technical aspects of his newsroom. What once was a post-it-as-you-get-it site is today a pragmatic entity looking to branch into investigative journalism. “As we’ve grown it’s become a much more professional structure,” explains Orstow. It may seem funny to say that every post is now seen by an editor, but anyone with a hint of blogging experience understands how difficult it is to be “first” with news.

Covering the social media sphere is an instant win for the publication. “It’s almost a perfect storm,” said Ostrow. “When you cover the social media space people are inclined to share articles. It’s this whole…snow ball effect.” With 2 million Twitter followers and a couple hundred thousand Facebook fans, it’s safe to say Mashable has stuck its flag firmly in the social media sand.

PART 2: We discuss transparency and social media.

PART 3: We discuss Apple’s lack of transparency and Facebook’s privacy issues.

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