Microsoft Research Project Emporia Digg-like Windows Phone Personal News App

FUSE Labs, part of Microsoft Research, created Project Emporia as a kind of personal Digg-like news tool that lets you tune the news you see by voting items up or down. The news items are brought in by scanning Twitter tweets. You can find it on the web at:

You can also find a free Project Emporia app in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It presents news in categories (world events, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, etc.). Ten news items are in each category. You can see an item I wrote for this log in the technology category in the first screenshot. It was re-posted in a Tumblr blog that was tweeted out and captured by Project Emporia.

Tapping on an item in the list lets you vote the item up (+) or down (-). This helps Project Emporia learn what you kind of news you want to see. Tapping the link at this level takes you to the original article.

Project Emporia provides a more active alternative compared to apps like Flipboard for the iPad. However, since it is a Microsoft Research project, note that it could disappear, become part of another product or graduate to a production product.

Microsoft Research: The Personal News Page

Microsoft Research Project Emporia

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